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UWC Day 2018 - East student reflections

UWC Day 2018 - East student reflections

On 21 September, students, staff members and parents came together to celebrate UWC Day. Students engaged in a variety of mission-focused lessons, activities, service projects, discussions, and cultural performances around the theme of ‘Inspire Change’ throughout the week and on the day.

Following are reflections from a few East High School students in the HS Campus Journalism activity who responded to the questions: "What does UWC mean to me?", "What/who inspires me to make change?" and "How can I inspire change?"

What does UWC mean to me?

Vidhi Shah and Sachi Sawant, Grade 11: UWC serves as a multicultural environment with its student body representing 75 nationalities. This proffers a diverse range of viewpoints both in the classroom setting and beyond. It was refreshing to see the student body dressing up in their national attire. After spending many years living outside of India, it brings immense pride to share our country’s cultural heritage with our school community. The performances that took place were met with enthusiasm, celebrating the diversity at UWCSEA East. UWC unites people from across the world, working towards a shared mission which they carry forward in their lives. The holistic approach towards learning makes it an unforgettable experience as illuminated by alumni stories.

Ilina Navani, Grade 11: The 21st of September was a day of pride and excitement for every UWCSEA student as we came together to celebrate the values and mission of the UWC movement. The diversity of the school was brought to life throughout the day, with a showcase of cultural dresses, dances and foods of various countries. The students participated enthusiastically; setting up stalls to spread the message of their focus groups and GCs, and putting on traditional dances from their countries. As one looked around, one could see a variety of cultural costumes, as students had dressed up to represent a culture which is an integral part of who they are as a person.

What/who inspires me to make change? How can I inspire change?

Hana Mori, Grade 10: UWCSEA is a massive community, filled with people with diverse passions. The numerous GCs, focus groups, local and college service groups are prominent in the community, which all strive to make 'change'. On UWC day, several focus groups set up stalls and activities at the plaza during lunchtime. Though it was raining, and much of the students’ attention seemed to have gone towards the cultural performances, I noticed some students passionately expressing the cause and aims of their service. And there were, indeed, a number of students listening to them. 'Change' can be brought about through many different ways. So unnoticeable and mostly overlooked, but there were definitely students who were inspired by other students at the plaza that day. Even though it may seem so small there will be someone watching, listening, and becoming inspired. Then someone else would be inspired by that person who was inspired ... and so on. The accumulation of such small actions could potentially lead to a massive change.

View more photos from UWC Day 2018 on East Campus.


1 Nov 2018
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