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UWC Day 2017

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UWC Day 2017

Each year the global UWC community comes together to celebrate our shared mission and values on 21 September, which is also the UN's International Day of Peace. This year's theme was the 'Power of Diversity', and highlighted the many ways in which diversity strengthens our school communities and our mission to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Dover Campus marked UWC Day on Wednesday, 20 September with a variety of activities on campus including workshops, debates, forums, films and hands-on service activities. Students across all grade-levels spent time learning about sustainability, equal rights, justice, refugees and the UWC movement. 

On Thursday, 21 September East Campus marked the day with cultural celebrations, assemblies, lessons and activities focused on the UWC movement and its member schools, as well as sustainability and peace. From specialty food from countries where UWCs are located, to staff and students donning cultural dress, to Service booths and activities in the plaza, students were able to celebrate diversity and to learn about how to make a difference in areas such as the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar.

To round out the UWC Day celebrations, we joined the movement in welcoming UWC ISAK Japan as the 17th UWC, as they held their opening ceremony on 23 and 24 September. Founded by a Pearson College UWC alumna, UWC ISAK Japan adds another dimension to UWC's collective power of diversity.

To view UWC Day photos and our welcome video for UWC ISAK Japan, please visit the College Facebook page.

22 Sep 2017
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