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Two years at UWCSEA changed my life - thank you

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Two years at UWCSEA changed my life - thank you

I can't believe how I have grown because of the UWCSEA community and education. It is totally different from what I would have received if I was still in Laos. UWCSEA has changed my life: it teaches me to live for other people and to make changes in the world. I have developed my confidence, my leadership and my communication skills significantly through participating in classes, involving in various activities and having conversations with others in this community. 

I heartily appreciate the cultural diversity at UWCSEA because meeting and living with people from all over the world has made me see how different our cultures are, see my culture from another point of view, and come out of my Laos culture bubble and understand how culture significantly affects each individual’s identity. Despite our differences, everyone respects each other and this made me feel really comfortable. Sometimes, there are conflicts, but we don’t solve it using violence, we discuss with each other.

At UWCSEA, I came out of my comfort zone. I have been encouraged to stand up for what I really want; I have learned that you should think about other people but you should not care them too much that you let others’ voices cover your own desires and inspirations.

I tried to join as many new activities as I could over the years because I want to make the most out of this opportunity. Every activity that I joined here all has developed my confidence and I always put my best effort in everything that I do. I found out more about myself because of those activities that presented to me at UWCSEA. I discovered my passion for writing, organizing events, helping others and many more.

I am impressed that everyone in this school really keeps themselves updated on the world issues, this truly aligns with the school’s mission. The school acts upon US election, LGBTQ community etc. I learn that we have to be initiative; we have to fight for what we believe is right, or if something important is being neglected, we have to bring it up.

- Thank you to UWCSEA community for a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

- Thank you to all of my friends, my teachers, house parents, staffs and everyone I met here. I truly appreciate those people who spared their time to help me or be with me when I faced difficulties. They all contribute to my wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience at UWCSEA. Leaving is hard. I can't forget the people and the school, I will have to come back to visit again one day. The valuable lessons I have learned here will stay with me forever. From now on, UWC values will also be with me everywhere I go.

- Lastly, thank you, from the bottom of my heart,to my donor for making this impactful experience happen.


13 Mar 2017
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