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Through My Magnifying Glass: A Book By Aryan Shanker

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Through My Magnifying Glass: A Book By Aryan Shanker

Grade 6 student Aryan Shanker has written a book of stories and anecdotes reflecting on his school years at East Campus from K1-Grade 5. Below he shares about his inspiration for writing. Aryan's book was published through a company sponsorship and is available for sale in the College Shop on both campuses for $13. Proceeds from the book sales will be donated to the I-India GC (East Campus) and to the UWCSEA Annual Fund (Dover Campus). Congratulations, Aryan! 

If you had a magic wand, and you could go back in time and suddenly change something in your life, what  would you change?  My answer was simple, I would ask for extra time to play more. My favorite phrase at play time was “5 more minutes.” This question got me thinking that time is precious. What was I really doing with my time? 

I am one of the students who was in the first K1 batch when UWCSEA opened its East Campus in 2008. I have finished seven years of Primary School from K1-G5. Phew! It’s a big milestone. My student life is equal to my school’s life. Ha! I remember my first day of school at UWCSEA East. When I went into my class, I could see so many things that interested me. I wondered how this new school and year would go. I only wanted to play and have fun. 

I didn’t know about things like the UWCSEA profile. The school focuses on skills and qualities such as being a self manager, resilient, communicator, critical thinker, principled, self-aware and having a commitment to care. It was fun to write and talk about how I felt after an activity, and I always said it was fun. Later on as I grew up I understood the big deal behind these skills and qualities. That’s how the thought came to me to write a book about my journey from K1-Grade 5 by focusing on the UWCSEA profile's qualities and skills which form the the basis of my book Through My Magnifying Glass.

The life of a 'pre-teen' today can get tough. We are like buds waiting to bloom, but then there is too much going on around us that affects us in many ways. Trust me on that! My intent is to share with students and parents some cool, some thought provoking, and some snazzy, wimpy anecdotes from my journey. Through my magnifying glass I am zooming into moments that have created my thoughts on school life from K1 until today as a pre-teen. I want my young readers to have fun while reading my anecdotes. I want parents to read my book so they can understand more and let kids have more fun. I want all of us to have our little talks at home about good times and tough times so as kids we can have a calm, cool and a happy life. 

I love writing, as I can share my thoughts that can help others to look at things differently. I am happy that I have written this book. Above all, I always want to have FUN! I would like to say a BIG "thank you" to all my teachers and friends at UWCSEA East, because with them this journey became even more special.

For more details on my book, please visit:

15 Jan 2016
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