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Teachers and counsellors helping beyond classroom

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Teachers and counsellors helping beyond classroom

Like many families new to both Singapore and UWCSEA, we experienced many challenges when settling in to our new home. Our situation was a bit chaotic due to last minute relocation: three young children who seemed to be non-stop bickering in their new environment, a new school, a new country and people, without domestic support, and a father and husband working overseas, and with no relatives in Singapore, life seemed designed as a maximum stress test.

However, the teachers and counselling staff at UWCSEA East provided an oasis. Besides helping our children to settle in seamlessly and build solid friendship in school, the staff have spent extra time and gone many extra miles to resolve intense sibling rivalry at critical moments.

This timely help has meant a tremendous amount to our family. I am sharing my experience of this with our community to encourage them to ask if they need help, even if it seems to a bit outside the normal routine. My experience has been that the UWCSEA school community will be there, willing to try their best to support you if you ask. 


18 May 2017
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