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Student reflection: Ballarat Round Square Exchange 2018


Student reflection: Ballarat Round Square Exchange 2018

A Round Square exchange is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was lucky enough to be able to experience it.

I went to Ballarat, Australia just in May 2018 and I enjoyed myself so much I could just hop on a plane and go there again. I went to the school, Ballarat Grammar and the first thing I noticed was how different the people were. Everyone was especially nice and welcoming making my stay even better. I have definitely made new friends and I hope to stay in touch with them. Something I also noticed was the school. It seems so much smaller yet is so much bigger. The reason for that was that our school is a lot taller and there’s has a bigger surface area. But just entering the town of Ballarat for the first time I was amazed. I was used to the busy streets of Singapore and the cars moving around in all directions but when I saw Ballarat the quiet streets made me feel as if I was in nature. It was like I was entering a different world. The town was so small and cozy it was almost unreal - like something from a fantasy. 

When I visited homes,  I noticed how different the houses were in Ballarat than in Singapore. The houses in Ballarat are more old fashioned where as the the houses in Singapore are more modern.

Something I really enjoyed were activites. The things I did in Ballarat I could never imagine doing them here. These included -  feeding kangaroos, going on helicopter rides, going on road trips and surfing, all of these were amazing experiences and I’m very glad I did them.

At first I was homesick and I felt like I really needed to go home but then everyone was very nice including the host family and my exchange student helped me through it. My exchange student and I really hit it off and that really topped off my experience. But I think that most of all this exchange program has taught me how to be more independent and resilient. And so overall I can now say that being part of an exchange is definitely one of the most unique experiences you can imagine and that it’s worth taking a risk to go on one!


16 Jun 2018
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