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Student perspectives - badminton and cricket camps

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Student perspectives - badminton and cricket camps

During school holiday periods, UWCSEA hosts a number of camp offerings on the Dover and East campuses. Below, two East students reflect on their recent badminton and cricket camp experiences over the December term break.


UWCSEA East badminton holiday camp December 2017Badminton camp was a really fun experience. I learnt to play with a lot of different people and being in a group was good training experience. I coached the younger kids service (it was a challenge tasked by Coach Wei Yin) during the camp last year and it was an enjoyable experience and it made me learn as well. I learnt how to deal with younger kids and that you have to stay patient with them which can be challenging at times but it helps them understand the skill you’re trying to teach them. 

Most of the kids were eager to learn and listened to what I asked them to do. A lot of them had experience in badminton before and they were very skilled which made it easier to teach them. Overall the experience was interesting and I learnt much!

By Rachna Menon, Grade 9, East Campus


Even though my team lost all of our matches, we each learned at least one thing. I learned that saving your wicket is important. The point is, if we have a weak team playing a stronger team, we can learn something. That's why we should continue with these types of matches. Each day was a different scenario. These gave us different ways to think.

One good thing was that we each got equal amounts of batting, bowling, and fielding. Sometimes, people don't get a chance to bat in all three matches but our coach makes sure's that we each get a chance. Having three matches also gives you a chance to learn, practice, and try again if you make a mistake in one or were having a bad day.

These holiday camp matches are a great opportunity to practice what you've learned in training and to apply it in a match.

By Adwitya Bhargava, Grade 6, East Campus


25 Jan 2018
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