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Student creativity shines in the first low budget film trailer competition

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Student creativity shines in the first low budget film trailer competition

What started out as a fun idea during the IDEAS Hub Leaders activity, became a month-long film trailer competition at UWCSEA. A few months ago, students Amaan, Qiheng, Raymond and Jaeyoung were brainstorming events to organise as part of the IDEAS Hub Leaders activity. One suggestion was to recreate film trailers or movie scenes using no special effects and only DIY props. These films, also known as 'sweded' films were made popular by the movie, Be Kind, Rewind

The four students who really enjoyed making such films in their own free time then started planning for the first Mashed Swede Film Competition. The competition was open to all students and community members of UWCSEA. 

After weeks of planning, the Mashed Swede Film Festival Awards Ceremony was held on Friday, 8 June. The event brought together six teams from both campuses. It was truly one of the best showcases of student creativity. From toy dinosaurs , DIY costume helmets to acapella sound tracks, the students impressed the audience with their ingenuity. 

We would like to congratulate Team Reel Deel (Ranveer Nalwa, Dhevin Nandyala, Sahil Bhargava,Tara DeHert - Grade 9, East), Team With No Name (Damayanti Chakraborty, Rohan Wadhwa, Victoria Geltinger - Grade 7, Dover) and Team Film Masters (Rayner Grignani, Reuben Vosper, Bryan Carmichael, Anders Prytz, Jakob Gerber- Grade 6 Dover) for being the Top 3 winners of the competition!

The winning teams get to visit Lucasfilm Amnimation Studios in the Sandcrawler building in Singapore and speak with a Disney animator.


16 Jun 2018
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