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Stories made possible through the generosity of the UWCSEA community

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Stories made possible through the generosity of the UWCSEA community

The extraordinary power of collective giving helps advance the UWC mission and enriches the transformational UWCSEA learning experience in the classroom and beyond.

The UWCSEA Foundation works to combine generous gifts from donors together, large and small, for maximum impact. Stories being written include:

SCHOLARSHIPS - ‘A story of promise and potential’

UWCSEA brings together a diverse group of young people to become future community leaders and find solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems. 

UWCSEA Foundation Scholarship Programme

“I’m proud to have been a UWCSEA scholar, and gained strength learning from others who were so different to myself - and yet at the same time so similar. It's the UWC paradox: that celebrating diversity unifies us! 

I hope the generosity of donors continues to enable more kids like me to be able to join the UWC movement where they will be filled with the values and energy of positive change.”

Karma Choki, Scholar from Bhutan, Class of 2018

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - ‘A tale of environmental stewardship’

A UWCSEA education ignites the passion in students to address peace and social justice issues whilst respecting the planet’s ecological boundaries.

UWCSEA Foundation Sustainable Development Solar for East

"As a UWCSEA student, I passionately endorse the school's mission with its significant focus on renewable energy as a way for us to foster a more sustainable planet. Given the success of the Solar for Dover project in reducing the college's carbon footprint, it is imperative for us to expand it to the East Campus to light even more classrooms - and spark more imaginations!"

Hemal, Chair of Solar for East, Grade 10 student

TEACHING AND LEARNING - ‘Inspiring stories through immersive learning’ 

UWCSEA delivers a holistic, values-based education that develops young people as individuals and as members of a global society.

UWCSEA Foundation Teaching and Learning

“The session with Mr Chin in the ‘Workshops with the Composer’ series was very interactive and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed his positive method of teaching and how he brought all the string instruments together, to a new level. It was really fun and inspiring and I hope we can have more sessions like this.”

Kartini, Dover, Grade 10 student 

Get involved. Get in touch. Your support makes a tangible difference.


24 Sep 2018
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