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'She is More', Youth Art Competition

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'She is More', Youth Art Competition

In May some of our talented and passionate Art students entered the youth art competition, ‘She Is More’ and were chosen to exhibit their work at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery at Gillman Barracks.

The theme was to celebrate everyday women and the event was organised by the IXX Foundation on its tenth anniversary, aimed at raising funds to help empower women around the world. Olivia Huynh, Grade 9, together with Grade 7 students Katelyn Yang, Elizabeth Nelson and Sarah Ahmed, created powerful and thoughtful work and deserve to be very proud of their achievements. Danielle Solk, teacher of Middle and High School Art, also donated one of her paintings to the auction, which raised $3,500. A highly successful exhibition and opening night, for a very worthy cause.


21 May 2019
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