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Service Expo: Passionate about Sustainable Development Goals

Service Expo: Passionate about Sustainable Development Goals

It was chaotic, yes, but the good kind.

UWCSEA East plaza -- typically speckled with odd-coloured backpacks -- now was awoken with a harmony of vivid colours, music, and laughter. It was the annual Service Expo, a celebration of service as well as our unwavering passion to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This event was centred around providing students with a chance to explore and investigate the large variety of service opportunities available at East Campus. The Local, College and Global services stood in groups, representing the SDGs, each doing their part to work towards the universal call for action. Students were able to embrace their individual passions by posing with the SDG goal they most believe in, and then finding a service that will allow them to work towards the said goal at varying scales. This is the first step in service learning, where students can “find their why”. The large turnout to this event allowed the Service Executive to raise $683 from pizza and drinks sales, all of which will be equally dispersed across the High School Global Concerns projects.


7 Sep 2017

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