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SEASAC Basketball: Phoenix Boys take third

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SEASAC Basketball: Phoenix Boys take third

Phoenix Boys SEASAC Basketball teamThe Phoenix Boys’ Basketball team came into SEASAC with high aspirations of taking the tournament trophy. While this was not going to be an easy task, the team had great chemistry and a strong bond that showed as they played coherently during the group stages. After completing five tiring games,  they finished in a respectable 3rd place, after losing to only Bangkok Patna School (BPS) and NIST, also from Thailand, who were two of the strongest teams that were participating. However, in the semi-finals, they had to face a challenging task of defeating the formidable BPS team, who have been powerhouses of SEASAC Basketball. After a gruelling back and forth game, it was the BPS Tigers who eventually came out on top against UWCSEA Dover, with a final score of 47-54. Even though their title hopes had been dashed, the daunting task of beating BPS would have been very difficult for any team as BPS would eventually win the championship. Yet despite the tough loss, the Boys’ were able to regain their momentum in the 3rd and 4th playoff game versus the Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS). They defeated CDNIS in convincing fashion, using their fluid offense and tenacious defence to win with a score of 44-35.

The Phoenix Boys’ demonstrated that they were able to fight against the adversity they faced throughout the tournament, as they finished a commendable 3rd place. With a number of players having left last year, everyone was able to put in maximum effort and commitment, and the countless hours of practice were shown by their terrific performance at SEASAC. Although every player on the roster played superbly, two players in particular were able to stand out and as a result, were able to receive MVP awards. I would like to send my congratulations to Captain Roland Cruz (Grade 12) and Nick Yang (Grade 12) as they played at an extremely high level throughout the tournament, which helped the team play as well as they did.

Even though the season is over and the team will lose several players, they have much to be optimistic about as they have returning players who are hungry to achieve more success next year. Below is the squad that participated in the tournament and I end this Boys’ review of SEASAC by once again praising each player for representing the school and displaying their ability which further showed the high athletic standard UWCSEA Dover has.

This year’s SEASAC Boys’ Basketball team is made up of: Roland Cruz (G12), Nick Yang (G12), Chris Hartono (G12), Linus Lester-Hodges (G12), Akshay Trikha (G11), Yanni Stamatelos (G10), Jae Hwan (G12), Chris Lund (G12), Bradley Goldstein (G12), Raj Jaisinghani (G11), Joon Sung Kim (G10), Pranav Bhardwaj (G12)

Coach: John McAuliffe

Tal Benami
Grade 10
20 Feb 2016
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