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Reflections on UWCSEA Foundation Week

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Reflections on UWCSEA Foundation Week

Even though I have visited UWCSEA Dover campus many times since my daughter first started attending the school in 2011, I’m humbled to say that I had not realised how comprehensive and impactful the Foundation-supported programmes are at the College.

I had the opportunity to attend three of the Foundation Week events held during the second week of November. The first was a very enlightening guided tour of Dover Campus to learn about how the school has integrated sustainable water and energy practices to the design and the architecture of the buildings, as well as programs tackling food waste, and working to conserve the environment. UWCSEA has been recognised and awarded for many of these pioneering programmes.

The second event was a screening of the film ‘Plastic Ocean’ on the East Campus, where we learned about the devastating effects of plastic on the environment, and how we can do our part to help. Aside from the powerful film, what impressed me were the short speeches from two young, articulate and very passionate UWCSEA students sharing their perspectives and hopes for the future of our planet.

But perhaps the most impactful event for me was the ‘Dinner with Scholars’ where parents were able to meet some of the international scholars who have been given this life changing opportunity to study at UWCSEA thanks to the funds raised by the UWCSEA Foundation. It is a true example of how UWCSEA lives up to its principles of embracing diversity, which benefits not just the scholars themselves, but also has an impact on the UWCSEA students by giving them the opportunity to study alongside these scholars in a truly diverse environment. I sat at a table with scholars from Senegal, Burkino Faso, Namibia and Cambodia. They are articulate, mature and grateful, and shared fascinating insights about their background and experiences at UWCSEA.

At the end of the week, I signed up as a volunteer Sustainability Ambassador with the UWCSEA Foundation; I want to continue to learn more about sustainability at the College and to connect with other parents on the topic and I also want to give back to the UWCSEA community. I'm really looking forward to learning more about these great programmes and helping to spread awareness and support for the UWCSEA Foundation and sustainability programmes. 

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1 Dec 2017
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