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Quiz Bowl teams win second and ninth place

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Quiz Bowl teams win second and ninth place

UWCSEA Quiz Bowl is a trivia competition activity in which readers read questions and players use buzzers to signal when they know the answer. The question categories are extremely expansive, ranging from literature, history and science to philosophy, classical music and pop culture. As a result, it is not possible for one player to know everything, and players are often “assigned” specific categories to study and specialise in.

On 16 November, UWCSEA’s newly-formed Quiz Bowl competed in the Singapore American School Fall Invitational Tournament. Teams from Hwa Chong, Raffles, Tanglin Trust and Singapore American School competed in the tournament.

The UWCSEA Team A captured second overall and UWCSEA’s Team B garnered a respectable 9th place. UWCSEA’s Team A only lost to two teams (due to a lack of caffeinated beverages in the morning half), both of which were nail-biters in which the opposing team came out on top by just 10 points. After lunch, they performed considerably better (perhaps due to the significant amounts of sugar consumed), defeating top teams such as Raffles and SAS Team A, the latter of which would go on to win the tournament with an 8-1 record. Many thanks to Vice Principal, Gary Seston who accompanied the team to their first tournament. Greer Bevel and Laura Llewellyn currently supervise UWCSEA Quiz Bowl.

The UWCSEA Quiz Bowl was founded in August 2019 by incoming students Handa Jung (FIB), Shasi Pinninti (FIB), and Hajo Wolfram (Grade 9), all of whom have had experience playing with Quiz Bowl in the past. Their short-term goal now is to pass on their knowledge and strategies to others, which is why they often read questions instead of playing matches during practices.

In the long-term they ultimately aim to qualify two teams for Asian Championships in Seoul and the NAQTHigh School National Tournament in Atlanta. Currently, the teams are made up nearly exclusively of FIBs (and one Grade 9 student), however the founders hope to encourage others from different grades to join by promoting Quiz Bowl at assemblies.


3 Dec 2019
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