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Queensland All Stars Touch Rugby Tournament 2016

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UWCSEA East Dragons in action at the Queensland All Stars Touch Rugby Tournament in October 2016

Queensland All Stars Touch Rugby Tournament 2016

Without a doubt, Queensland, Australia is the home of school Touch Rugby around the world. At 7am on 6 October, 13 hand-selected Touch players landed in Brisbane. Unlike last year, the haze did not cause any interruptions which meant the team was backed by a solid training base which included the participation in a Saturday league to develop our game skills. The aim of the trip was to be exposed to as much Touch experience as possible, executed by the Australian Touch talent. With teams participating from Southeast Asia, New Zealand and all over Australia, we had our work cut out for us. Additionally, the team was playing in the U19 age category as opposed to our U15 ranking last year. Yet, despite the average team member’s age being far younger than our opposition, it was our dedication and talent which pushed us through. The team came away from the competition with a total of three wins and four losses in the midst of adjusting to a new playing environment.

The chemistry of this team is second to none. Although the way we play with each other now, has taken a copious amount of time to achieve, during this trip everything evidently clicked. It was obvious that we wanted to play well for each other, we backed our team mates so that there would only be a few drop balls, only a few off the mark plays and most importantly, we needed to maintain communication on the field. Going into the tournament, our aims were to work hard for one another, communicate, solidify our defensive policies and make clear decisions on attack. After the completion of every game, it is safe to say that we improved upon our previous mistakes so that we could become better players. This says a lot about the kind of team we are. Even if we lost, we worked hard to put ourselves in the game and most importantly, worked hard for our fellow teammates which is extremely vital in any team sport. I am very proud to captain such a team who is willing to give every minute of the game their all.

All of the experience we've gained will be brought home to Singapore especially for the upcoming Touch season as we gear up for SEASAC in February. We tried out new and different plays and worked on our weaknesses which is exactly what we set out to do. Above all, we made connections to many Australian Touch teams, and it was interesting to interact with girls our age from other nations and also to learn from their talent so we can further improve.

Following the completion of our games, we were lucky enough to watch the finals on the last day of competition. It was all of the best teams from the tournament playing, so you can just imagine the level of Touch talent being accomplished on the field. For our girls, we could gain even more experience by watching some of the best play.

Not only did we become closer as a team, we were able to build a more sister-school friendly relationship with UWCSEA Dover. With the help of Coach Maureen and Coach Kristen, we have come away from the competition with fresh eyes for the game of Touch as we look forward to the upcoming season.

Go Dragons! 


23 Oct 2016
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