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Providing shelter - how two High School students are making a difference to the Rohingya refugee crisis

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Providing shelter - how two High School students are making a difference to the Rohingya refugee crisis

In what is sure to go down as a historic disaster on an incredibly large scale, over 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled from Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state to Bangladesh since August 25, 2017. This is a crisis that did not receive the media recognition and worldwide outrage that it should have, but there are still those who heard about it on the news and are trying their hardest to make a change for the better.
We are two of those people. One of us in Grade 9 and the other in Grade 10, we were horrified by the situation in Bangladesh and decided we had to help in any way possible. We knew something that the refugees desperately required was decent shelter, as many of them have nothing more than a shawl on their head to defend against rain, winds, and floods.
Coincidentally, over the summer we had interned at a startup, billionBricks, which has the goal of ending homelessness. billionBricks are the creators of the WeatherHYDE tent, which is incredibly durable, easy to set up, and can hold up to five people comfortably. We realised that billionBricks would be the perfect startup to partner with as we deeply understood what they do and how the company functions. So we spoke to our former boss, Prasoon, the CEO of billionBricks, and asked about the possibility of providing tents to the refugees in Bangladesh.
He was immediately on board with the idea, and we began spreading awareness by creating a website for our cause and messaging everybody we knew asking for donations. The response was overwhelming, and only four days into the month-long campaign, we have raised money for 52 tents, our aim being 100 in total. We are so grateful to everyone for their generosity and support, as this would never have been possible without them.
Now we are looking to see if, in the near future, we can travel to Bangladesh and visit the families who will receive the tents as to check up on how they are doing and get to know the people we are working so hard for to provide homes.
We hope that by reading this story, you are inspired to help make a change for the better. You can donate by going to our campaign page's website.  Any amount truly does make a difference, no matter how small it may seem to you. If you would rather hand in cash, email us at  and we'll coordinate it. Thank you.
Check out our Facebook page for updates.



21 Sep 2017
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