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Promoting diversity and inclusion at UWCSEA

Promoting diversity and inclusion at UWCSEA

PRISM is a student-led group which focuses on diversity at UWCSEA Dover.

In the last few years, PRISM has grown and has organised a variety of events within the school, the article below lists some examples of activity on campus, which is conducted within an age-appropriate framework to ensure all students needs are met.

Diversity Day is a High School initiative which celebrates identity and diversity with a focus on LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer). The objective is are to educate our community on the struggles that LGBTQ youth may face and empower our young people. Each year has a specific focus, and all activities are conducted within an age-appropriate framework.

PRISM has worked closely with the High School Personal and Social Education Coordinator in the last two years to include more diversity in the curriculum. For example, the relationships unit now includes examples of same-sex situations and we are constantly working on adapting the programme to meet the diverse backgrounds of our students. Last year, the manager of Oogachaga (one of Singapore’s non-profit organisations supporting LGBTQ youth and their families) talked to students about gender identity and sexuality.

PRISM has also recently organised a Queer Arts Festival on the theme of Coming Out, where students displayed artwork expressing their ideas and creativity.

Kurt Wittig, Librarian at Dover Campus has created an LGBTQ+ section in the main library, and continues to explore ways to make the library a safer and more inclusive place for our students and staff. Some staff have also started creating classroom libraries that provide access to LGBTQ literature.

In Term 1 this year Gilles Collong, PRISM’s faculty supervisor, was invited by Bloomberg to present to working parents on how UWCSEA Dover supports students, as well as to provide support and advice should they have a child or family member coming out to them. A staff presentation is planned in February that will emphasis how the classroom practice can become even more supportive and inclusive. He is exploring the options to present information to those in the UWCSEA parent community who are interested in this topic.

These are very exciting times for PRISM as the group continues to explore how to promote diversity, advocate for human rights, empower our youth and unite the diverse backgrounds of our College community to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

14 Jan 2019
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