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Planting the Future

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Planting the Future

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that gardening is equivalent to planting the future. Gardening is a sustainable activity that not only benefits the environment but also individual health. Due to urbanisation, the number of gardens in cities has decreased. However, in the past decade, investments in urban farming techniques by governments have increased. The desire to grow one’s food at home led to the creation of an internationally acclaimed movement, Incredible Edible. Incredible Edible encourages all individuals in a community to plant edible plants in public spaces for everyone's benefit.
It is easy to get cooped up inside on devices for hours, but gardening will ensure that one gets out for a breath of fresh air. Growing food will not only reduce food bills but will also help raise awareness about the effort required to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs. Gardening has been proven to reduce stress levels and is an easy and relaxing form of exercise. Growing edible plants do not require a lot of space and it is always a joyous occasion to harvest produce, as they represent the fruits of one’s labour, quite literally!
The College service, Incredible Edible, was established at UWCSEA Dover a few years ago and has been thriving ever since. The team consists of a range of passionate students from Middle to High School students who believe in the philosophy of the service. They grow a wide variety of plants, that flourish in the warm, wet Singaporean weather. The roof garden and nursery are accessible to all students, staff and facility members to harvest for personal usage and the service takes place every Monday and Wednesday from 3pm to 4.30pm.
Across the island, there are a number of projects that encourage urban farming like the Citizen Farm, that are dedicated to using new technology for maximum efficiency. Singapore is a small country with limited land space, so gardeners are always looking for techniques to grow more in less space. Citizen Farm organises workshops and events for people of all ages that are passionate about growing food. They even sell boxes of locally grown edible plants called “Citizen Boxes”. These can also be purchased and delivered to the UWCSEA Dover campus for all students and parents.
With the rising food prices and increasing frequency of health scares regarding the overuse of chemicals in crops. It is time we take charge of our food, get our fingers dirty and plant our futures one seed at a time.
For more information about the College Service, Incredible Edible, feel free to email them!

This piece was originally published on Dover Today, a student-run publication established in 2017. Dover Today's mission is to encourage all members of the UWCSEA community, from students to staff, to use their platform to express themselves, whether that is through a news article, opinion piece or photography. 

4 Mar 2019
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