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PA-sponsored Sports Nutrition and Sleep presentation

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PA-sponsored Sports Nutrition and Sleep presentation

Helpful hints for active children and student athletes proved a popular subject with parents and staff filling the meeting room on Thursday morning, 18 May for this PA-sponsored presentation on Sports Nutrition and Sleep.

Dr Richard Swinbourne PhD, from the Singapore Sports Institute enthused us with his anecdotes and descriptions. Leading the audience on a journey of his role with elite athletes and how he helps them to achieve, highlighting everyday nutritious food products available off the shelf in Singapore and the best 'drug' on the market - sleep. Lots of techniques on how to improve sleep patterns, timings and illustrating how this impacts on performance both physically and mentally. It was a thoroughly entertaining and informative presentation.

Those interested in Sports Nutrition and Sleep may find the following resources Dr Swinbourne shared useful:

Swimming - Eating For Your Sport

Junior Athlete Nutrition Information

Eat For Your Sport - Vegetarian Diet

Eat For Your Sport - Recovery

Eat For Your Sport - Muscle Gain

Sleep Better, Be Better

ABC's of ZZZ's



22 May 2017
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