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One Year Running Green: The Biosverde Footprint

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One Year Running Green: The Biosverde Footprint

In 2015, three students from UWCSEA Dover met to discuss what they could do to fix a gap they had noticed in the energy industry. With billions of dollars being spent by governments, regional organisations and international bodies on the conception of cleaner alternatives to energy production, in tandem with private firms on the cutting edge of renewable energy technology, the students realised that very little was being done to bolster awareness for renewable energy across student bodies, especially in Singapore. Without fully realising the scale of this issue, they threw themselves into the deep end of this issue and out of this, the social platform Biosverde was created. With a user base of 4000, the majority of whom come from outside of Singapore, this new forum was created to discuss issues and developments in the industry and partnerships with the UWCSEA Middle School, Global Concerns groups and six corporations; and it is fair to say that the platform has come quite a long way since its humble imaginings last year.

The goal of Biosverde from the very start was to capture the sense of wonder for renewable energy that is lost with maturity. In a growing competitive adolescent world with demanding internships, lengthy college applications and comprehensive curriculums, innovations that could alter the future such as renewable energy are often forgotten and replaced with what’s important in the present. The Biosverde platform (co-founded by Dash Dave, Rajat Acharya and Shivam Tiku from Grade 12) hopes to fill this empty space by informing followers of the latest in global renewable energy innovation whilst enabling users to interact with one another in order to form a collective knowledge base that serves to educate new visitors and readers with unparalleled brevity. A key challenge currently faced in the industry is a harsh reality: ideas like renewable energy are scientifically complex and not as clear cut as they are from the get-go. Biosverde aims to rectify the reality, creating easily accessible knowledge on renewable energy that exposes readers to subject matter experts who can delve into complexity as well as fellow students with similar knowledge to reaffirm foundational understandings. With an uptick in the platform’s corporate outreach program, Biosverde hopes to be able to consult more closely with subject matter experts in exchange for the promotion of projects and research pursued by these companies.

But the work does not stop here. The founders aim to push the process of raising awareness into the physical realm. With the growing outreach program, undergoing planning for a renewable energy day within the school and a roster of presentations from guest speakers, Biosverde hopes to truly raise the profile for renewable energy as a socially, economically and culturally beneficial sector with numerous viable career opportunities that are bound to grow in the future. We are excited to see how far the impact formed by this initiative reaches and the team behind this platform are certainly not slowing down anytime soon. 

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27 Oct 2016
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