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New playground encourages self-exploration

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New playground encourages self-exploration

It has been an exciting semester for the Dover Campus Primary School, as our youngest students explored new equipment in the community-funded adventure playground.

“Prior to the revamp we only had a few pieces of playground equipment which meant limited play options for our students. We now notice higher levels of engagement among our students as well as safer play choices. The new equipment allows for significant development in their gross motor skills as they take on the challenge of different playground pieces. Our new and innovative play space inspires and encourages children to adopt a more physically active lifestyle, which is crucial to their growth and development. While adhering to strict safety standards, the playground allows children to take safe risks and enjoy exciting challenges,” explains Lynda Scott, Head of Infant School, UWCSEA Dover.

Students in the Infant and Junior Schools play at different times, allowing the younger children the freedom and safety of exploring the equipment in their own time and at their own pace. Quality play opportunities are an integral part of a stimulating learning environment and the new outdoor play opportunities complement the classroom-based elements of the academic learning programme. Through play, children interact and make friends, engage in role-play and extend their creativity; they test themselves physically and master skills, improve their fitness and health, and engage in self-directed activities that aid individual development towards independence.

The new outdoor playground provides opportunities that enable our youngest learners to develop the skills and qualities of the UWCSEA profile while being guided by the best educational practices identified within the UWCSEA Learning Principles.

Gifts to the Annual Fund funded the new playground, which provides a wider variety of creative play opportunities, motivating children to join in healthy play. If you would like to support more initiatives like this, please consider making a gift.    


12 Jan 2016
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