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A meaningful discussion with Aunty Sarah Ang

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A meaningful discussion with Aunty Sarah Ang

The Evergreen Circle is a centre initiated with the elderly segment of the Singaporean community kept in mind. It is well reputed for its cultivating environment that enables seniors to build long-lasting connections with the surrounding community as well as gives them the confidence and motivation to lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle. In one of the first visits to this centre, we had the pleasure of meeting an aunty called Sarah Ang who demonstrated a deep appreciation for cultural harmony and diversity as a means for gaining relevant and enlightening perspectives on aspects of her life in Singapore and otherwise.

At her current age, opportunities for engaging in mentally stimulating activities are rare and leave her reminiscing about her experiences as a clerk in a stock firm that lasted for a long 20 years of her life. As of now, part of her daily routine includes caring for her 93-year-old mother, who has been a big part of her upbringing. Whilst considering household chores as a tedious process, she admits tending for her mother makes it worthwhile in the end. She still remembers the understanding and helpful personality of her late husband that allowed her lonely mother to feel at home when coming to live with Sarah.

Her household runs on the Central Provident Fund since she is not part of the workforce. Eventually, she will have to resort to her remaining savings; the livelihood of Sarah and her mother depends on this. She misses having her entire family around and with her nieces and nephews living abroad, Sarah counts days till the arrival of her relatives back to Singapore.

Despite not having children herself, Sarah commented on how rebellious most children are these days. She believes that discipline is a key skill to instil in children, after having witnessed repercussions of ill manners in families of her residence. In her opinion, “Children are a reflection of their parents.”



18 Jun 2019
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