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Local Service reflection: Arts and Crafts at PCF 858

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Local Service reflection: Arts and Crafts at PCF 858

Going to interact with the little kids sounded like heaps of fun. We were all ready with the colouring sheets and a bag full of a multitude of crayons and colour pencils for the kids to draw with. We were, to say the least, excited.

But like any new project, things didn’t go exactly the way we planned. We initially wanted to separate them into groups but numbering them, but the toddlers preferred to sit with their own friends at their own tables. We had planned to let three to four kids share a large colouring sheet in an attempt to help them build their social skills like sharing and collaborating. Upon going there we realised that not all the kids wanted to colour: some of them wanted to play with the building blocks, some of them did want to colour, some wanted us to read them story books, and some were shy and just wanted to sit with their teacher.

We were unsure of what to do at first, as we had a particular thing planned in mind, and wanted the kids to follow that. But then as we started talking to the kids and doing what they wanted to do with them, we realised that we have to form a relationship with them and get them to know us before anything else.

So we spent a nice and interesting half an hour playing with the building blocks with the kids, reading to them, playing ball with them, and also managed a little bit of colouring. It was a great learning experience more than anything for all of us, as we realised that making someone feel comfortable with you is key to teaching them anything.



21 Nov 2017
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