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Life After IB - Careers Fair on East Campus

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Life After IB - Careers Fair on East Campus

Saturday, 26 January, saw the Careers Fair coming to East Campus. With four sets of panel discussions from 11am to 2pm, the Fair was a great opportunity to learn more about specific industries. Students and parents from both campuses attended the event.

The talks covered a wide range of industries, from engineering and various sciences to mass communication and the arts. Speakers discussed their experiences in their fields. Some mentioned the connections they had made in their careers; these included Donald Trump in his reality TV days and an ex-President of Indonesia.

All the big names and brands mentioned were a little intimidating, but the individual conversations that followed the panels made it less so. “It was helpful in the sense that we got to talk to people in professions we may be interested in,” said a student, who wishes to remain anonymous.

This term, it’s fair to say that Grade 11 students are beginning to think more seriously about life after IB. With university and careers talks happening every other week, some students are beginning to feel the pressure.

“I don’t quite know what I’m looking for yet,” said the same student as earlier. “The uni talks are a bit repetitive, but the country-specific ones are the most helpful so far.”

UWCSEA has also implemented new ways of learning about universities, such as the online programme MaiaLearning. “The research is relatively new…it might take a while for students and advisors alike to adapt, but using other websites and the Fiske Guide could definitely help.”

The student elaborated further, saying: “It’s helpful since students don’t want to just cram all this information into one evening— they need to make informed decisions and stand by that decision for a while, which is why I think it’s useful that we’re doing this relatively early, even if a lot of us are still lost at this point.”

We’ll have to wait and see, but it seems that students are generally well-supported at UWCSEA with the activities that information sessions offered. However, it may take a while for the youth to get a grasp on their plans for the future and that is completely acceptable.


This piece was originally published on Dover Today, a student-run publication established in 2017. Dover Today's mission is to encourage all members of the UWCSEA community, from students to staff, to use their platform to express themselves, whether that is through a news article, opinion piece or photography. 

15 Feb 2019
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