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Lewis Hamilton asserts "1000% trust in Mercedes" and calls on fans for the same

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Lewis Hamilton asserts "1000% trust in Mercedes" and calls on fans for the same


Just days following Mercedes’ open letter to its fans reiterating team unity and complete impartiality between its two drivers, Lewis Hamilton has now called on his supporters to rally behind the team.

“I want you to know how grateful I am for all of your support. I’d like to ask that you please trust in my team, as I do. This is my family. These guys have been the greatest, hardest working people for me, and that is why I am now 3x World Champion,” Hamilton wrote on his Facebook page.

“Please don’t put any more thought into my team doing anything unjust towards me, and understand that it would be in no ones best interest for that to be the case.”

Hamilton continued to assert his confidence and faith in the team. “We’ve had the best 3 years together, and whilst it’s not going to plan right now, all will unfold in its own time. I trust these guys 1000% and my mechanics are incredible, the best in the business. I respect them so please do the same. They are the guys that are going to make winning this championship possible.”

Hamilton’s statement comes after strong social media backlash against the team and growing conspiracy theories of favouritism for Rosberg after back-to-back engine issues for the Briton in Shanghai and Sochi. This is especially worrying for the three-time world champion considering the limit of 5 engines a driver can use in a season, before being hit with subsequent penalties once this quota is exceeded.

WIth 17 races left in the season, there is more than enough time for Hamilton to close Rosberg’s commanding 43 point lead in the driver’s standings. With Rosberg driving the best he has ever done and Hamilton with a point to prove, this season is already shaping up to be a nail-biter.

The F1 parade moves to Barcelona, on May 15th, where teams are expected to bring significant upgrades before the start of the European leg of the season.

Anirudh Baddepudi
Grade 11
Dover Campus

Note: this article is a student opinion piece, submitted as part of a student-led Sports Journalism initiative.

10 May 2016
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