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Katy Beveridge ‘08 - The art of animation

Katy Beveridge ‘08 - The art of animation

In December 2017, Katy Beveridge returned to Dover Campus to join the Grade 11 and 12 IB Visual Art classes at 8.30am, albeit a little jetlagged having just arrived from the UK the day before. John Widder, her former tutor, was happy to introduce her to the students and Katy presented her story as a fashion commercials director running her own studio back in London.

Katy’s big break came in the form of the video she produced in 2011, titled The Bicycle Animation. This was her graduate film, and used a bicycle wheel to create animated loops in real time. The film went viral, receiving over 1.5 million views and was featured on The Discovery Channel, The Huffington Post and The Atlantic.

There's a certain magic to stop frame animation; hours of handcrafted movements giving life to the inert, if only for a few seconds. Check out the video below! In a UWCSEA collaboration, fellow alum Stefan Niedermyer ‘08 helped to produce the soundtrack to the video.

After spending her formative years at UWCSEA from 2000-2008, Katy went on to Central Saint Martins and graduated with a first class honours degree in Moving Image. In the year following her graduation she went on to receive numerous awards including the YCN graduate award, a Youtube Bronze and was selected as one of Selfridges ‘Bright Young Things’. Her work has been exhibited internationally at film and animation festivals such as Klik Amsterdam and the Toronto International Film Festival. To see some of Katy’s latest work, click here.

Katy strives to challenge the conventional notion of animation. When asked what makes stop motion so fun, Katy explained, “It's a really slow process but the moment you play it back is such a buzz. Like climbing very slowly and carefully up a mountain, then skiing down it really fast. One video, that lasts just a few seconds, is the result of hundreds of individual frames painstakingly caught over many hours.”

Katy has been running her own studio in central London since 2014 but also enjoys traveling for work and collaborating with a variety of designers, photographers and artists. Originally from Scotland but having grown up mostly around South East Asia; Singapore, Brunei, Korea and Malaysia before moving to London, Katy certainly has no aversion to traveling. She hopes to continue building up her portfolio in both animation and illustration.

On a personal note, Katy cycled 500 miles across the north of Scotland with her sister Christina Beveridge ‘06 last October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. That same month, their father had gone through his latest scheduled operation for cancer and together both sisters decided to give something back to Macmillan Cancer Support, an association providing care for hundreds of people who are living with cancer. Bevs on Bikes for Macmillan Cancer exceeded their fundraising goal within three months! 

Katy will celebrate her 10-year milestone anniversary at Reunion 2018. We look forward to welcoming her back to Singapore this August.


11 Jan 2018
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