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It is not goodbye, it's "until we meet again"!

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It is not goodbye, it's "until we meet again"!

I still remember my first day at UWCSEA, a new experience, with many challenges ahead of me. It was a lot to process within 10 minutes of arriving. I remember crying in front of Sophie Morley (Assistant House Parent). It was very dramatic, however, not everything was bad that day. I had the support I needed from the G12 boarders. 

Many people don't know about the family that exists in the boarding community. They don't know the great examples of students that we have around us. 

As per our annual tradition, on 24 April, we celebrate once again the triumph of the G12 students. We had ukulele presentations made by the boarders of G11, G10 and G9, incredible games, tears and smiles. I will never forget the feeling that it evoked in me, to see people that have grown up in UWCSEA while they hugged each other remembering their great adventures.

I have often wondered, "What makes Boarding a special place?". At Leavers Night I got the answer. It is not based on the place; it is about the people. 

We are not just students who do their homework, live in the same place and see each other's faces seven days a week. We are also individuals who manage to create strong bonds between the community, bonds that hurt to break. We are people who build stories and a family that like other families has its good and bad days, but that still support each other.

Leavers night is a time to remember those stories and realise how fortunate we are to be a part of them. There will be a great emptiness when we see those who made us laugh, march. Not only G12 students, but also two incredible people who have seen us in our worst moments, Simon Dean (Director of Boarding) and Martin Lyon (Assistant House Parent).   

When I mentioned "tears", the farewell of Simon Dean and Martin Lyon was a reason for that. Two amazing people who have given their best years and dedication to the Boarding community, they are thanked for their efforts and will never be forgotten.

I wish to share this message with all the people who will leave great and admirable moments on the walls of UWCSEA and especially Boarding. Congratulations G12.  

Leavers night was not enough to express the happiness we share as a family, celebrating the achievement of the people who have occupied a space in our hearts. We know that the road has not been easy, but the effort will be worth it, also that you will leave great memories behind, but those will never be forgotten.  

Thank you Grade 12 for serving us as an example of perseverance and always giving a smile to the world.

And remember...It is not goodbye, it's until we meet again!

Boarding, your family.




10 May 2019
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