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IASAS Conference 2018

IASAS Conference 2018

This year our UWCSEA East MUN team participated in the IASAS MUN Conference held at the International School of Manila in the Philippines from 14 to 18 November 2018.
We were fortunate enough to travel overseas, sending 10 delegates from our school allocated to 6 different committees debating a variety of different topics and pertinent issues. The passion, dedication and perseverance exhibited by all attending delegates and directors was admirable.  
With more than 15 schools from South East Asia participating, this conference posed as a great opportunity for our delegates to not only acquire knowledge of different cultures and meet peers from various countries, but also acted as a means of helping our delegates expand their knowledge and level of debate.      

It is a testament to the quality of debate at IASAS, that chairs of a myriad of committees expressed choosing awards. This greatly highlighted the advanced level of the delegates present at this conference. In the end, as a result of the fact that limited amount of delegates  could have their merit showcased through awards, the caliber of all who attended should be acknowledged.

Aside from the exemplary standard of debate, the solutions and ideas proposed in our committees were commendable and we hope that delegates involved, and those involved in MUN as a whole take this forward, out of conference spaces and into the real world.


3 Dec 2018
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