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Gymnastics x CFCIDC workshop

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Gymnastics x CFCIDC workshop

During the professional learning day this week, Chelsea FC IDC coaches took part in a collaborative workshop with the gymnastics coaching staff focusing on how to incorporate the UWCSEA mission and vision into the coaching sessions that both of the sports deliver on East campus. 

The cross collaboration between departments and sports is something that I strongly encourage and support, as I believe us as coaches at UWCSEA will benefit much from such collaboration to enhance the learning that the student-athletes experience.

I, as a football coach, got to hear experiences from coaches of another sport and share our experiences on how to implement the visions and missions of the college. It inspired new ideas on how to further educate and develop our students through sports, it reminded us why we are here and to understand that we share the common beliefs among coaches of various sports. I will be looking forward to our upcoming collaboration during the next professional learning day!


28 Feb 2020
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