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Graduation: Dover Class of 2017

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UWCSEA Dover Class of 2017 graduated on Saturday, 20 May

Graduation: Dover Class of 2017

Arjun Krishnan, Class speaker, UWCSEA Dover Class of 2017 Graduation“… I think it’s important to recognise just how incredibly lucky we are to have been students of a school that looked beyond grades, achievement, and personal success. We’ve learnt to think critically, and fostered the UWC values by engaging with communities, both local and global, through Service and Global Concerns. While our education may feel normal and usual to us, I don’t believe it is normal: it stands out—we’ve been packed a phenomenal tiffin, and it is now up to us to share this delicious meal with everyone around us … But remember, this tiffin would have never reached you without our tiffin wallahs …

… We as a group of people have achieved some truly spectacular things over the past few years, and I have no doubt that we will continue to do so in the years to come. As our dear old friend Kurt Hahn once said, ‘You are needed.’ From seeing the unbridled energy and passion that we bring to everything we do, I truly do believe that our futures are as bright as a shiny stainless steel tiffin box on a sunny day.”

Arjun Krishnan, Class speaker, UWCSEA Dover Class of 2017 - Arjun's speech is part of the UWCSEA Graduation playlist

Sumi Dhanarajan ’90, guest speaker, UWCSEA Dover Class of 2017 Graduation“The important thing is that we never let ourselves as a community and movement become indifferent or apathetic. We cannot become accepting of nor apologists for structures, or institutions or systems when they are clearly broken. You may—from time to time—wonder whether your efforts are making any difference. The problems are big and they are complex. At those moments, it may be helpful to you to reflect upon the thoughts of one freedom fighter, Vaclav Havel—a playwright—who became the first president of the Czech Republic. He wrote:

‘Anyone who claims that I am a dreamer who expects to transform hell into heaven is wrong. I have few illusions, but I feel a responsibility to work towards the things I consider good and right. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to change certain things for the better, or not at all. Both outcomes are possible. But there is only one thing I will not concede: that is, that it’s meaningless to strive in a good cause.’

Sumi Dhanarajan ’90, Dover Graduation guest speaker - Sumi's speech is part of the UWCSEA Graduation playlist



19 Jun 2017
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