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Global Politics: a UWCSEA Student’s Experience with Sanitation-focused NGO

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Gowri Mohan, a Grade 11 IB Politics student at UWCSEA Dover volunteered with the Singapore-based NGO WTO and had the opportunity to work on a submission for Indian PM Narendra Modi

Global Politics: a UWCSEA Student’s Experience with Sanitation-focused NGO

Gowri Mohani is a UWC South East Asia student from India in her first year of the two-year IB Diploma programme. Earlier this academic year, in the context of the newly introduced IB Global Politics course, she spent time with a Singapore-founded NGO focused on sanitation projects, which led to an opportunity to work on a proposal for the Indian Prime Minister. Here is what she learned from this inspiring experience:

“After four years at UWCSEA, everyday I am surrounded by some of the most hard-working and driven people united by one aim; to make a difference, to leave a mark on society no matter how big. Inspired by the determination all around me I decided it was time I tried my hand at doing something I was truly passionate about.

I was granted the opportunity to work with a Singapore based NGO World Toilet Organisation (WTO). This small, charming NGO focuses on promoting sanitation as a main goal for governments and the public. The experience exposed me to the real ropes behind a successful NGO, how they gain public funding and support, how they influence governments like Cambodia, China, India and more.

What I was most grateful for was the opportunity to work on a proposal for the Indian PM Narendra Modi, where I was able to piece together all my learnings and contribute to efforts going towards my own country. I have always wanted to work with non-governmental organisations, as well as do something for India, as I feel it’s important to give back to your own country. Through my internship at the WTO I was lucky enough to do both.

The environment at the organisation was created by the group of people all working towards one goal, much like what I experience at UWCSEA. As I am in my first year of the IB Diploma course, a lot of important decisions lie ahead of me, and it’s experiences like these, as well as the school’s Global Concerns and other service projects which I have realised shape my own goals for the future. They have taught me that the smallest actions can go a long way. I hope to continue working with different NGOs and other organisations to be a part of the effort that is responsible for the change that we need to see in the world.”

This article first appeared on the UWC international website and has been republished with the permission of Gowri.

9 May 2017
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