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Global concerns and services at UWCSEA

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Global concerns and services at UWCSEA

Global concerns and services in UWCSEA have been a thriving project for many and it is quite clear that every service is reaching out to make a change. In the process of asking different services how they thought they were making an impact, it came up that a very big aspect of generating change was raising awareness. Services in our school do this with various fundraising programmes and events. Teaching individuals how they can make a change themselves is a highly crucial part of making an impact.

Some of the services at UWCSEA are:

  • Blue Dragon Service, a NPO children’s foundation based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its goal is to reach out and help children in crisis living in Vietnam.
  • Gilli Eco Trust, a global concern/NGO that focuses on helping maintain the corals around Gilli Island.
  • Project sun bear, a service that helps the endangered species of Sun Bears to thrive.

Why is it important for services to be making a change in today’s world?

Service is important because our world is being abused of its uses and through more people learning how they can help make a change, we can one day have a better world. The global population needs to all learn how to make informed decisions about our every day choices. Service is the tool to which we can help others and the environment, ensuring a better future for us all.

How can services in our school continue to expand through their actions?

UWCSEA services are present everywhere. Many services and global concerns have all learned how to thrive through the UWC community. Services have to find a way to become stronger and make everyone in the UWC community aware of them. It is not an over-exaggeration to say that services in UWCSEA have majorly contributed to the well-being of our community and other communities. But there is always more that can be done. When asked different services provided unique responses as to what their next steps could be. A common response for a few global concerns was strengthening their relationship with the NGO they were partnered with.

A few services also said that they hoped to continue finding better ways of sharing their knowledge with larger audiences. Multiple services have faced struggles to achieve their presence in UWCSEA. A few of the efforts that services encounter when developing and expanding in UWCSEA are trying to get all the different years in our school to participate (primary school, middle school & high school).

As much as we at UWC are all taught of the importance of making a change, as students transition into high school, academics and activities start to take up more space in their lives. The Gili Eco Trust service commented that high school students will have less time to show their enthusiasm for multiple other services that aren’t the service they are already participating in. This can sometimes make events held by services less ecstatic.

To conclude there are many challenges a service can face when expanding and thriving but through time and experience a big impact can be made.

1 Apr 2020
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