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GCSE and IB Dance Celebration Evening

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GCSE and IB Dance Celebration Evening

On 17 March, UWC East's GCSE and IB dance students came together to showcase their dance coursework to friends and family at a special celebration evening. The show honoured some of the work that the curriculum dance students have completed over the last two years as part of their GCSE and IB dance courses, and comprised both performance and choreography work.

Performance work describes dances that the students have not choreographed themselves, but rather, have learnt from a professional choreographer. This can be challenging, as it requires moving the body in ways that the dancer may not be used to. Over the past two years, students have studied choreographers such as Alvin Ailey and Akram Khan, genres such as African and Indian Classical dance, and works that explore themes such as Slavery, Religion and Identity.

Choreographic work on the other hand describes work that students have composed themselves. Our students have drawn upon their own identities, experiences, and dance vocabulary in order to create original dance works and communicate unique points of view to the audience. Students choreographic work explored themes such as mental health, sexuality, immigration, criminal justice, and family relationships.

The students have worked incredibly hard over the last two years to put all of their work together, and their friends and family very much enjoyed seeing all their efforts in this special performance.

27 Mar 2020
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