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Freedom and South Africa

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Freedom and South Africa


Nelson Mandela quote has inspired poetry from a Grade 4 student on Dover Campus

It has been a month since I came from South Africa. When I think of South Africa I think of all the greenery, space, blue skies, my friends, safaris and the museums. In museums, I think of the Apartheid Museum, Constitutional Hill and Mandela House more than others. Apartheid and the freedom struggle are a part of every museum. I was inspired by Nelson Mandela, the Apartheid Museum and South Africa. The exhibitions in the Apartheid Museum were very informative and interesting. They kept answering the questions that I asked or thought.

I wrote a poem, Freedom, during class after I had just come back from a holiday in South Africa. It was decided soon after that we will move there for a few years. When I wrote this poem I was mostly thinking of how people were treated and how much struggle there was for freedom. I wanted to tell everybody who read the poem how things changed and how much effort went into it.


Protests, Arrests,
Segregation, Apartheid,
Jail, prison, political freedom,
Prisoners, death,
Freedom, freedom, freedom,                       
Struggle, struggle,

When I wrote a poem for a first time I thought all poems had to rhyme and have a happy thought behind it. After I studied poetry in class I realized that I could write a poem about anything, anywhere. The idea came to me when the poetry unit was coming to an end, and I started writing poems.

I am happy to be back in Singapore now. Nelson Mandela and South Africa continue to inspire me. Freedom means different things to different countries and their people. Freedom to me is what brings people together.

Avi Asthana 
Grade 4 

16 Feb 2016
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