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Food for the Soul: Dinner with Scholars 2019

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Food for the Soul: Dinner with Scholars 2019

UWCSEA’s annual Dinners with Scholars brought together day families and National Committee Scholars for a very special evening of sharing stories over delicious home cooked food. 

Hosted on two consecutive evenings at East and Dover campuses, the event offered the community a unique chance to immerse themselves in the scholars’ lives, to learn about the path that had brought them to UWCSEA and the impact of their UWCSEA education so far. Some of the scholars who spoke on the evening’s panel had just joined the College in August and others have been here for a few years. 

“Since the first day I came to UWCSEA, I have felt so welcome and special. In my home country, I moved schools 12 times. And as a result, I didn’t always have friends to spend my birthday with. But since the first day I walked through the door at UWCSEA, I have been cared for in a way that makes me feel like I truly belong and so lucky to be here - thank you," said Vika from Belarus.

When asked what makes the Boarding House different from his life at home, Pattan, a scholar from Sierra Leone, said, “My boarding house family has 130 people in it!  So it's quite different than my family at home. But what also makes it different and special is the diversity amongst those 130 people; that’s what makes it really unique.” 

In reflection about how a UWCSEA education has changed their perspective on life, Phunziro, a scholar from Malawi, remarked, “Meeting strangers helps us all to learn more about ourselves.” 

And Chantrea a Cambodian scholar shared: “Before I came to UWCSEA I wasn’t even sure how to help myself, but after two years here, I know that I have the power to help others around the world.” 

The ideas and feelings expressed by the scholars uplifted and connected the audience, drawing rounds of spontaneous applause and laughter. As everyone sat down to enjoy homemade delicacies from the buffet, they had a chance to speak directly with scholars who were scattered among at the tables. Younger students were asking questions such as “What’s your favourite subject?” and “Do you get to keep your phone at night?”, and parents wanted to know more about the scholars’ hopes and dreams and if they could provide any additional support that might be needed. 

The evening was truly a feast for both the body and soul, providing nourishment and a great deal of food for thought about the importance of the UWCSEA Scholarship Programme and our connection to the UWC mission. Thank you to the Foundation Parent Ambassadors for bringing the community together for this remarkable evening.  

Collective giving through the UWCSEA Foundation continues to advance the vital UWC mission and enrich the transformational UWCSEA learning experience, in the classroom and beyond. Learn more about how the UWCSEA Scholarship programme is enriching and transforming lives.



14 Nov 2019
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