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FOBISIA Gymnastics highlights Dragons team spirit


FOBISIA Gymnastics highlights Dragons team spirit

From 26-28 January, the East Dragons Gymnastics team travelled to Bangkok to compete in the annual FOBISIA competition hosted by Harrow International School. While this year was our second time taking part in the competition, for most gymnasts it was their first competition of the school year, and maybe even their first time competing in a new level. However, we rose to the challenge and made a great start to the competition season. All of our gymnasts were incredibly focused and resilient throughout the competition. Here are some of our team achievements from the weekend:

WAG Level 4 Junior - Team 2nd
WAG Level 5 - Team 2nd
WAG Level 6 - Team 1st
WAG Level 7 - Team 1st

What amazed me the most during the competition wasn’t winning these awards, but it was all of the team spirit our school showed. I’m surprised that the parents watching the competition didn’t become deaf after listening to us clap and cheer for one another. Our team was incredibly supportive, which is something that I think made us different to the other teams. If someone fell on a skill during their routine, the rest of the team would be there for them, shouting words of encouragement and helping them finish the routine off. I’ve been with the team for 5 years now, and never have I seen our school as supportive for each other as we were last weekend. Although gymnastics is a sport where you have to be very independent, I don’t think our school would have done so well if it weren’t for each other and our team spirit.

This competition was a great learning experience for all of us. We now know what skills we need to improve on, or what we need to make more consistent. We’re motivated to train harder, become stronger, and become better, and we look forward to our next competition!

7 Feb 2018
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