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First day of school 2016/2017

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First day of school 2016/2017

The 2016/2017 school year is officially underway at UWC South East Asia! The new year began today with the College’s largest enrolment to date: 3,014 students on Dover Campus and 2,546 on East Campus for a total of 5,560 across the College.

UWCSEA's truly international student body is made up of students representing 98 different nationalities on six continents this year. In addition, there are 56 different first languages spoken among our students.

This year the College has enrolled 108 scholarship students, most of whom were awarded selective scholarships by the UWC committee in their home country or by the UWCSEA Foundation. These passionate, capable and talented individuals enrich the College community by sharing their culture and life experiences, thereby allowing all our students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of specific nations, cultures and global issues.

We extend a very warm welcome to all of the new students, families and staff who have joined UWCSEA this academic year, and we welcome back all returning students, families and staff. Wishing everyone an exciting and successful year of learning ahead!


15 Aug 2016
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