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Family Festival 2018

Family Festival 2018

The Parents’ Association (PA) East once again brilliantly facilitated the largest campus event of the year, bringing together the East community for a fun-filled and entertaining day. With Family Festival falling on Saturday, 17 March and St Patrick’s Day this year, there was a dual-meaning behind the ‘green’ event theme as the PA, staff, students and parents worked together to promote sustainable practices and a zero-waste event initiative.

Among the estimated 4,000 attendees, there was an effervescent energy in the air and delight on so many children’s faces as they made their way around the many games, rides and activities. In full force was the core spirit of our campus community—passionate parent volunteers and dedicated staff and students who worked together to make sure every aspect and detail were covered.

For the first time, there were 10 parent-led nationalities groups that provided food, working closely alongside the Green Fingers College Service group in support of sustainable practices.

Our Global Concerns (GC) and Focus groups did an outstanding job showcasing their work and that of their partner organisations at the booths in the GC Bazaar and hosting activities around campus. Several sustainability-focused College Service groups were also on hand to share the work they do in composting, gardening, and the new Solar for East initiative.

The generosity of both sponsors and attendees will help PA East to support our GC groups and other special projects. Sincere thanks to PA East and all the students, parents, staff and friends who helped make the day a success!

UWCSEA East Family Festival 2018

12 Apr 2018
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