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East students compete in 70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships

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East students compete in 70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships

The 70th National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2018 saw 15 excited Junior and Middle School students from UWCSEA East eager to match their wits and strategy against 1130 other local and international school students of Singapore. It is one the largest national chess events, and the participating East students enjoyed their wins and showed resilience in their losses.

The students played nine rounds over two days, with rounds starting at 10am and finishing around 5pm. Alex justifiably said, ”The chess tournament was more tiring than a soccer tournament.”

Among the youngest, Alex, Donglin and Pranav played such a long tournament for the first time. They not only enjoyed but also qualified for training in the Singapore Chess Federation. The others who qualified are, Aarushi M, Aarav D, Advait B, Kabir G and Vedant K. In the International school section, nine out of the 15 participating students got medals for being in the top 10 in their division, which includes the qualifiers above, Aadya G and Arya B.

However, all the students (above mentioned and Aabir M, Avi D, Ayaan MS, Pranav D, Rudelle D, Samar G) deserve congratulations on not only their performance but more importantly being graceful when they lost, showing grit by going back and trying again and leaving the tournament with a smile on their faces. They were true UWCSEA ambassadors.

All of the East students played well and enjoyed themselves in between games also with fun matches. The following also got awarded for their high performance in international school division:

Junior Division Boys:
Lee Kai Ming Alexandre (6th)
Donglin Li (8th)

Senior Division Girls:
Aarushi Maheshwari (3rd)
Aadya Gulati (5th)

C Division Boys:
Advaith Bagri (2nd)
Aarav Sameer Desai (3rd)
Kabir Gupta (6th)
Vedant Kumar (7th)

B Division Boys: 
Arya Neel Bhandari (7th)


19 Mar 2018
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