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East Grade 9 student reflects on tGELF internship

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East Grade 9 student reflects on tGELF internship

During the summer I made a decision to take on an internship at the Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) in Delhi. I was given this opportunity through the LIFE Challenge@UWCSEA, a competition held in our school in order to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. After putting hard work into the project with my team, I was offered the opportunity to take on a new challenge to expand my boundaries. I was initially skeptical of going because I would not be with any family and was going to live and work with people I had never met before. After much consideration, I decided that it would be in my best interest to go to Delhi by myself and spend a month with the foundation.

During my time there I worked on the planning for the annual flagship LIFE conference. I spent my time there working on an event that displayed a multitude of different social enterprises working to better society. I also helped with the creation of the LIFE Challenge@Delhi in which young leaders came together to take on a project with the intention of creating a market proposal.

On reflection upon coming home, it was truly an experience of a life time. People that I had never met became friends that I will never forget. Although it is a lot of work and very late hours, every second of it was worth it. To work at tGELF mean you have to always give it 110%. Often times it means you will have to work until well into the night, sometimes past midnight. If you are willing to put in the work the reward will be the experience of a lifetime. I cannot express how grateful I am to the amazing people I was able to work with during my time there. 

If you are ever presented with this opportunity you should take it because the amount that you will learn is truly remarkable and the friends you will make are some of the best people in the world. I consider myself truly privileged to have received this opportunity.


12 Sep 2017
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