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Dragons win Lions Invitational Badminton Tournament

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Dragons win Lions Invitational Badminton Tournament

At the Lions Invitational Badminton Tournament on 15 September, the UWCSEA East Dragons 14U A Girls and Boys had matches against SJIIS, UWCSEA Dover and SAIS, each presenting their own challenges for us to face. 

The full badminton team was excited as we won the very same tournament last year. Since two of our star singles had left the previous year to Grade 9, we had some new and fresh talent on the team. When we arrived there we headed straight for the courts as we already knew from memory where they were located. As we entered we noticed a lot of familiar faces and some friends even. After some warm up and practice we played against our first opponent, UWCSEA Dover. Unfortunately for them their first two singles had not arrived so they were at a serious disadvantage. Due to that we were able to defeat them with ease. Our next opponent SJIIS were not as easy. We had already seen them play really well and some of the players were even worried. Again we motivated ourselves and made sure that each of us was in a good position to play. All three singles won securing the victory of SJIIS. The final team we played was SAIS. They also had a really good team and their first single was a hard hitter. Our team persevered and there were some really close matches. Again all three singles won but both the doubles lost. Thanks to our singles' wins, our team came out as the winner of the Lions Friendly Tournament.

Thanks to host SAIS, we always had courts to play, and had a great time meeting and playing against other schools. We had some matches that were challenging, which helped us learn different strategies and tactics, also learning how to watch other players and find their strengths and weaknesses to help us achieve our goals. There were some matches we won, some we lost, but we still learnt valuable lessons.

All in all, the Lions Invitational Badminton Tournament was an important part of our badminton journey to become better players. We would like to thank SAIS for hosting this amazing Badminton tournament, along with the other schools we played against.


21 Sep 2017
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