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Dragons retain Middle School ACSIS Boys Swimming title

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Dragons retain Middle School ACSIS Boys Swimming title

The 2016 Middle School ACSIS meet was held at Nexus International School on Saturday, 30 January. The boys fought hard to win and the girls narrowly came second to Dover. Securing a magnificent win overall for the Dragons. The team swam extremely well, as every swimmer present continued to improve with each of their swims, and there were lot of very strong swims by the older swimmers considering the hard block of training leading up to the meet. 

On a very crisp and clear Saturday morning the Dragons arrived ready to compete. Even the busy warm up lanes couldn’t deter our swimmers from the day ahead.

The first race of the day was the 200m free. Representing the 12U girls was Lucy I who came 7th with a time of 2:42.65, and for the 12U boys Shaun P secured a bronze  with a time of 2:29.59 and Lucas M following at 10th . And for the 13 and over age group Georgina W never failing to impress coming 1st with a time of 2:07.90. And for the boys a double of gold and bronze as Jonathan P and Nicolai A coming 1st and 3rd with times of 2:13.56 and 2:15.39 respectively and Cedric B following close of 5th with a 6 second personal best (PB) going 2:18.9. A great job by all the swimmers involved.

The next event was the 200m medley relay. Kicked of with the 12U girls A of Sophia H,Edda,Arkie and Lucy I coming 2nd behind Dover. And a comfortable win for the for the 12U boys A securing the gold with the B team close behind. The 13-14 girls A team of Isabella H, Kelly, Georgina and Mikella  finished with a commanding lead coming in at 1st place. And to finish it off the 13-14 boys A of Chien, Gus , Jonathan and Nicolai with a great swim coming in with the gold to finish off the relay. Great swimming by everyone. 

The 50 back was an absolute stunner with Sophia H claiming the bronze for the 12U girls with a time of 35.26 and followed by Lucy I placing 9th also with a PB. and for the 12 boys Justin H also claimed bronze with a time of 37.11 and Richard A and Lachlan W both finishing in the top ten. On the 14U side Isabella H and Mikella S both in the top 3 with a silver and bronze followed very closely Alle H in 4th and Medhya D making it the top 20. And for the boys Chein Yu H finished with a Gold for a time of 30.60 followed by Jeremy K in 3rd with a time of 31.60. Ten out of 11 swimmers made PBs in that event - great swim guys. 

The 50m breast started off with Edda A finishing 3rd for the 12U girls followed by Daisy P in 8th, both swimmers making PBs. And David K and Hamza H finished 2nd and 5th for the 12U boys. And for the 14U girls Kelly Y finished 1st followed by Rosie H in 6th and Ravisara in 11th. For the 14U boys Gus O finished 5th followed very closely by Jerimi L in 6th and Ben L in 8th. Really good swims by everyone involved. 

Next up was the 100m IM for the 12U and 200m Im for the 14U to test our all rounders. Edda A and Arkie M Finished 7th and 9th for the 12U girls 100m IM and Lucas Hobbs coming in 1st and David K coming close in 4th. 

For the 14U 200m IM Mikella S finished with a gold and Rosie H followed closely in 3rd. And for the boys Jeremy K came in 2nd and Ben L placed 7th. Overall good swims by everyone. 

The crowd favourite 50m free was up next with Sophia H coming in 2nd and Victoria L coming 7th for the 12U girls. And for the 12U boys Lucas H also came in 2nd and Richard A, Lucas M and Victor B all finished within the top 15.

Meha T came 5th followed by Isabelle W for the 14U girls and for the boys Nicolai A finished 9th followed very closely by Gus O in 10th. Well swum by everybody. 

A favourite race for many, the 50m fly was next. With Daisy P in 6th and Arkie M in 7th for the 12U girls , and for the boys Justin H came in 1st followed by Hamza S in 4th, Victor B in 6th and Max K in 11th. For the 14U girls Georgina W finishing strong to win followed by Isabella H in 3rd and Kelly Y and Meha T both finished within the top 10. To round out the event was the 14U boys, Chien Yu H came in 3rd followed by Cedric B in 6th and Victor S placing 13th. Some truly amazing swims! 

The last individual event of the day was the 100m free which was another favourite. For the 12U girls Victoria L came 9th with a time of 1:15.08. And for the boys Shaun P came 4th followed by Lachlan W in 7th. Alle H came 3rd followed by Ravisara in 6th and Isabelle W in 9th. To finish it off strong was Jonathan P who finished 4th with a time of 1:01.56 a great swim to finish off the last individual event of the day. 

To finish off the meet was the 200M free relay It kicked off to a great start with the 12U girls A team of Edda, Sophia, Daisy and Lucy coming in 2nd behind Dover, and got even better as the 12U boys A team of Justin, Richard, Shaun and Lucas M finished 1st. And the 14U girls A team of Alle, Isabella H, Mikella and Georgina kept the momentum going as they too finished 1st, And the day was finished off with the 14U boys A team of Jeremy K, Chien Yu, Jonathan and Nicolai placed 2nd.

Congratulations to everyone who swam in the meet; everyone swam extremely well considering that it was a mid-season meet and placed right after a very hard block of training. Everyone should be very pleased with how they swam and the many PBs achieved. 

Congratulations again, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in our coming meets this season. Go Dragons!

By Nicolai Andersen
Grade 8
East Campus


15 Feb 2016
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