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Dragons retain Boys and Girls Swimming titles - a first in SEASAC history

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Dragons retain Boys and Girls Swimming titles - a first in SEASAC history

2016 was special year for SEASAC because it marked the conference's 20th anniversary. It was a great reunion for all the SEASAC swim teams to gather together. Throughout the competition, lots of swimmers made tremendous improvements, resulting in many personal best times, and lots of SEASAC records.  This year was another successful year for the Dragons, and we managed to retain both the boys and girls SEASAC titles which we earned in the 2014/2015 season. This feat was a first in SEASAC history.

On the first day, the Dragons team travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pumped up with a strong desire to win. Upon arrival, with no time wasted, we went for the afternoon training at Alice Smith School.

On the second day, early arrival at poolside, the razzle and dazzle, the cacophony of blaring vuvuzela horns drums began early at dawn in the aquatic centre, and continued through all the races. The sound of the Dragons’ team spirit rose up high through the drums and cheerings which could be heard all over KL.

During this meet, there were many medal winners:

Gold medal winners : Justin, David, Georgina, Mikella, Jonathan, Chien, India, Celia, Liam, Lachy, Daniel.

Silver medals winners : Sophia, Isabella, Mikella, Enya, Gus, Kelly, Megan, Lachy.

Bronze medals winners : David, Lucas, Alle A, Jeremy, Anna- Marie, Mikella, Gus, India, Lachy,  Zak.

Meet records - Special mentions must go to these swimmers who broke SEASAC records: Georgina 400m freestyle 50m Fly, 100 Free, 200 Free; Liam 50m Fly, 50m Back, 100 Fly, 100 Back, 200m Back; Mikella  200 IM, Enya 200 IM; Relays 4*100 medley relay teams: Girls 13-14, Girls 15 and Over, Boys 15 and Over; 4*50 Freestyle Girls 13-14, ; 4*100 Freestyle relay teams: Girls 13-14, Girl 15 and over, Boys 15 and Over; 4*50 Medley Girls 13-14.

We should also recognise all the other swimmers who had participated in SEASAC this year and although some didn’t get a medal because they all contributed to the team’s overall success.

Highlights of the meet

400m freestyle set the pace for the rest of the session, with Georgina and Mikella taking gold and silver for the 13-14 girls with fantastic personal bests (PBs), Jonathan and Jeremy taking Gold and Bronze for the 13-14 boys. Daniel and Lachy secured the 1st and 2nd places for Over 15 boys; Whilst Enya and India took Silver and Bronze for the Over 15 girls.

In the 50m breaststroke, Daisy and Edda both dropped 2 seconds off their PBs with Edda just being out touched for the bronze. In the 50 Fly, Lucas and Justin won the 3rd and 4th place for Dragons U12 boys; Then Georgina took the Gold, Isabella and Kelly both made their PBs; Chien, Jonathan and Gus also did their PBs. Celia and India won the Gold and Bronze; LiamZak and Lachy took the Gold, Bronze and 5th places;

200 IM, Lucas dropped nearly 5 seconds PB, while Mikella took the Gold medal; Both Chien and Nicolai did about 7 seconds PB and won the gold and 6th; Enya and Celia held 1st and 3rd places for 15 over girls, Lachy did 6 seconds PB took the Silver;  

100m Freestyle, as Georgina goes under the minute for the 100m freestyle; India and Liam took the Gold for 15 girls and boys;

200 Breast MikellaKelly both made 4 seconds PBs, won the Bronze and 5th for 13-14 girls; Anna and Enya took the 3rd and 4th places. David dropped 3 seconds PB to take the 4th place and also Caleb made 6 seconds  PB.

50 Back Sophia won the Silver; Isabella, Alle won the Silver and Bronze, Chien won the Gold, Megan secured our 2nd place; Liam won the Gold for the boys.

The second day began with more Drum banging, vuvuzela blowing and chanting, whilst in the 200 Free Both Georgina and Jonathan won the Gold, India won the Gold, Celia and Megan took the 3rd and 4th places; Lachy and Daniel took the Silver and Bronze.

100 fly Justin flew his way to 1st place, Lucas took 4th; Georgina won the Silver; India and Celia won the Gold and Silver; Liam, Lachy won the Gold and Silver, and Zak 4th place.

100 Back Sophia won the Silver; Mikella won the gold; Chien won the gold; Liam, Megan won the Gold and Silver. 100 Breast Specially mentioning, for under 12 boys David had one of the best swims of his life as he did a 6 second PB, and winning the first ever medal at SEASAC for him,  Both Kelly and Gus won the Bronze 200 Back Sophia won the Silver, Mikella won the gold; Megan won the Silver; Chien and Liam won the Gold. In the 50 Free Both Georgia and India took Gold for the Dragons.

The most exciting and breathtaking moments are the relays. All swimmers showed great team teamwork and team efforts, demonstrated great sportsmanship. It was real proof of the Dragon Spirit. Some of the most intense relays of the meet for the 15 over boys just touching out dover by a third of a second in the 4*100 Medley relay and by one hundredth of a second in the 4*50 Freestyle relay. The cheering, screaming from audience and parents are beyond any words to describe.

4x100 Medley relay: girls 13-14, girls/boys15 over won Gold;  boys 13-14 Bronze;

4x50 Free relay: girls 13-14, girl/boys 15 over won the Gold; boys 13-14 won Silver, boys 12 under won Bronze.

4x100 Free relay: boys under12, girls 13-14, girls/boys 15 over won gold, boys13-14 won Silver, girls under 12 won Bronze;

4x50 medley relay: girls 13-14, girls/boys 15 over won gold; boys 13-14 won Silver; girls /boys under 12 won Bronze;

Finally thank you to all our swimmers for the fantastic job and great effort you put in. Special thanks to our parents, we appreciate your effort and encouragement; without your continuous support and help, our swimming journey would not come this far. On behalf of all the swimmers and the whole Dragons team, I would like to thank our dedicated coaches; thank you for the awesome work, hard training that led the team into another successful swimming year.

This SEASAC moment has passed but we will always have the memories - thanks everybody.

By Daniel Parker 
Grade 11
East Campus


15 Mar 2016
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