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Dragons named International School (Mythical) Swimming World Champions for second year running

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Dragons named International School (Mythical) Swimming World Champions for second year running

The UWCSEA East Dragons Swim Team are very proud to be awarded the title of International School Overall Team World Champions for the second year running. While results like this are not our primary focus in the Dragons team, I do believe that this is something very very special and I am proud of my team and the activity team coaches for supporting the Activities pillar of our learning programme so successfully. We focus predominantly on participation (with 450 swimmers, most of whom swim once or twice a week) and holistic athletic learning, but the values that underpin the College and the team, I believe, have helped to create successful higher-end performances.

The coaches feel a great honour to work at UWCSEA with these incredible students, amazing parents and the teams in Activities and Swimming.  I sincerely hope we can continue to have big dreams as a College and that we can also somehow cement ourselves on the world sporting stage without losing site of the UWC mission.

Below is a message from Matt Lautenbach who compiles the rankings for the International School Aquatics website. You will find full individual and team rankings via the link below.


Hello Coaches, Athletic Directors and Swimmers,

Over a year ago, I emailed a website that contained a series of results from International School conference meets from all corners of the world.

Based on the warm, positive feedback I received I have spent time looking for a better website solution and a more permanent database option. While I am not quite there in terms of the database, the website is now closer to a finished product. The start of a new job has led to a delayed roll out of last year’s results but with the website up and ready, it will be much easier to get results and rankings up.

The new (more or less permanent) home of International School Aquatics rankings is

Here you will find the results from the last two years, mythical team champions and even conference and ISA records. If you can think of anything else that you would like to see here, please let me know! I am happy to accept submissions for the blog about teaching or coaching techniques, meet reviews and anything else that may be applicable to the aquatics community.

Congratulations to all teams and honorees!

Congratulations to UWCSEA East, repeat champions for both the overall and male mythical championships. Hong Kong International School also repeated on the female side, setting new ISA records in both relays by wide margins. The race for the female title was extremely close again between the American School of London and HKIS as was the overall title race with less than 10 points seperating ASL, HKIS and UWCSEA East.

I am working this year on having the option to get certificates for top-25 honorees, to get rankings up more quickly and to get results shared for Invitationals, even if these swims will not be part of the top-25 at this time.  It helps a lot to have .pdf copies of results rather than having to take them from Meet Mobile if you are willing to share.

Please feel free to share this will your team and anyone else that you think may be interested. I have tried my best to keep up on emails, but there is a very good chance I have missed out on someone’s correct email address or a change in job since last year. There is an option to subscribe for updates on the front page. This will be used to ensure an updated email address and to share results and rankings. Not for any other purpose!

Thank you,

Matt Lautenbach
International School Aquatics



20 Nov 2018
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