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Dragons Gymnastics at SEASAC 2017

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Dragons Gymnastics at SEASAC 2017

Our Senior WAG and MAG gymnasts took part in the Senior SEASAC Competition hosted by Tanglin Trust School at the Yard on the weekend of 25-26 March. At this year's Senior SEASAC, our East Dragons Gymnastics Team sent a total of 29 gymnasts (25 WAG and 4 MAG) to participate in WAG Levels 5 to 7 and MAG Level 3.

A huge congratulations to all gymnasts for a wonderful performance and displaying all of the attributes that define the dragon’s spirit! This spirit can best be summarised by our team captains, “As team captains, we feel extremely proud, not only of the success that we achieved but mostly the strong team spirit that was shown throughout the weekend. It was amazing to see our team cheering for one another no matter what the outcome was. The team spirit was seen, felt, and definitely heard throughout the gym. It created such an enjoyable environment for all of us to compete in making this SEASAC different from others. We are extremely excited to see what is in store for this team in the year to come as all the gymnasts grow in their skills as well as the bond between us.”

As always we like to emphasise the accomplishments we achieve as a team, and we couldn’t be happier with the results this year:
MAG Level 3 - Team 3rd
WAG Level 5 - Team 1st (Green Team)
WAG Level 6 - Team 1st (Green Team)
WAG Level 7 - Team 2nd

We also wish to highlight that although not eligible for the team award, our Level 5 White Team would have placed 2nd which shows the true depth of our programme and we couldn’t be more proud to see the progress of all our gymnasts!

The competition was an excellent display of our gymnasts’ confidence, enthusiasm for the sport, and also showed the results of the gymnasts' hard work over the year. Our gymnasts’ team spirit was evinced as we saw the gymnasts supporting not only their own teammates but also the competitors from other schools. To the UWCSEA East community and to all the gymnasts in our programme, thank you so much for your support, and we hope that you all recognise that each one of you is a part of this success! We hope these results are inspiring to all of the gymnasts in our programme as we all work to develop the attributes that were displayed during the SEASAC Championship. We look forward to working together with our gymnasts as we move forward to another exciting year.

Go Dragons!



20 Apr 2017
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