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Dover Phoenix Softball Invitational: Girls place first

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Dover Phoenix Softball Invitational: Girls place first

The U19A Phoenix Girls Softball team played with staggering agility and competence despite the constant drizzle on the evening of Wednesday, 24 February as they held off one of their biggest rivals, Singapore American School (SAS), to win 17-8. The slushy, slippery conditions juxtaposed with the Girls stellar performance depicting great teamwork, camaraderie, and attitude. All the players performed incredibly, sliding through the field with great expertise. Although, the girls were off to a rough start as SAS batted first scoring a triple in the first five minutes of the match, they soon picked up the intensity and scored seven home runs in the second inning, hitting the limit and making an incredible comeback.

The third inning followed with greater intensity as the girls fed off their team spirit and gave it their all. The top inning witnessed some extraordinary catches by the Dover team. The girls resisted any attempts by SAS to pick up their game from the bottom, and flew ahead, hitting the limit again and scoring another seven home runs. After the girls caught a shot by one of the strongest batters on the SAS team, they raced up to a lead of 14-8. As the increase in intensity caused for limit-hitting nervousness and apprehensiveness, the girls celebrated the two home runs hit with great excitement and relief, jumping off the edges of the benches and cheering.

The team were incredibly proud of how they played and welcomed the small but valuable audience that gathered on the stands and in the tents on the field to support them. The team and coach’s sportsmanship and positive outlook proved to be a crucial factor in the match result, as they comfortably beat their biggest rivals by six runs, with all players feeling accomplished and in form. Their countless hours of pre-season training paid off making the players now more confident, experienced and excited to take on the rest of their competitors, through the upcoming and much awaited season. 

Avika Jindel and Tanya Venkatesh 
High School Students
Dover Campus

28 Feb 2016
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