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Demiurge poetry: Casually

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Demiurge poetry: Casually

Student writing on East Campus:

In this powerful poem, a writer casts a spotlight on the harrowing issue of gun violence in U.S. schools. 

Walking in
legally armed, casually
Walking out
a murderer, casually
the boy with the curly hair
the girl with the hazel brown eyes
no longer own a future
a second earlier
she may have been saved
a second later
he may have died.
a second mistake
should never have happened.
Walking in,
with fear, perhaps
Walking out,
or not at all.


Author's note: "In light of the recent school shootings in the U.S, I feel that guns have become an increasingly alarming issue. I did not mention any specifics with regard to location because I feel that this is a problem not with security and authorities or with the lack of knowledge about what to do in such a situation. The problem is that people have access to these weapons - and simply anyone who possess this has the power to do what I have shown in the poem."


Demiurge UWCSEA East student creative writing group

This story is part of the Demiurge Student Publication for the UWCSEA East High School. Visit the Demiurge page to read more student writing.

Demiurge is an online platform where East High School students can share and showcase their creative literary work. For more information email

21 Jan 2019
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