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Demiurge poetry: Being a Writer

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Demiurge poetry: Being a Writer

Student writing on East Campus:

What does it mean to be a writer? This introspective piece of poetry explores the ups and downs that come with dedication to writing and literature.

being a writer means
being inside
on a warm summer's day
a steaming mug of coffee on a slow morning
staring listlessly at the cup
or into space
your mind somewhere else
than at this mundane table
on this mundane morning
gazing into the mundane swirls of the milk and the coffee
the bright glow of your screen on a sleepless night
eyes so droopy they can barely stay open
the ever familiar
just one more paragraph
glasses askew on your face
the deep breaths
you aren't a writer if you haven't felt
the bounce of your bed as you flop onto it
thinking to yourself
where is this story going?
and sometimes
how does rock bottom feel so comfortable?
because maybe one day ideas dart around in your brain
like goldfish do in a fishbowl
swim               swim
     swim        swim
and the next day
maybe you feel the confinement of the fishbowl
telling yourself
i will reach the ocean someday
but you are stuck  
swimming loops
in the fishbowl
being a writer means the migraines at school or work the next day
thinking about your novel
or your manuscript
or your unfinished poems
being a writer means the struggle of flowing ideas in the storm
with no way to pen them all
so yes
we forget
being a writer means having your mind tear
as you wrench yourself out of your little universe
and back into reality
being a writer means sore eyes
and flying fingers
being a writer means facepalms
and plot holes
and characters with no stories
and stories with no ends
and ends with tears
because what would you do
if you didn't write?
being a writer means your own world
means you have stories in your eyes
and ink in your blood
being a writer is  
a roller-coaster kinda rush
the way your heart soars as you drop
being a writer means learning to appreciate the beauty
on the desert island
being a writer is the taste of chocolate
or the head cold you can't get rid of
being a writer means
you can see light
even when the universe is submerged in darkness
being a writer is the arms of someone you love
wrapped tightly around you
a comforting voice in your ear
i'm there for you
learning that it is okay to get stuck
is part of being a writer
because even though your mind remains stubbornly closed
you write
even though you feel like your world is crumbling down
you write
even though you feel like everything's closing in
you write
even though you feel like there is nothing you can do
you write
being a writer means being brave enough
to put your words out there
when no one else will
because even though you feel like your words aren't enough
you write
because you know what it's like

Demiurge UWCSEA East student creative writing group

This story is part of the Demiurge Student Publication for the UWCSEA East High School. Visit the Demiurge page to read more student writing.

Demiurge is an online platform where East High School students can share and showcase their creative literary work. For more information email



21 Jan 2019
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