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Demiurge: One way or another

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Demiurge: One way or another

"The thing about life is, more often than not, it just chews you up and spits you out. Trust me. I know. You’re out there in the big wide world sooner than you’d anticipated. 

Is it a mistake? Some type of fluke? Most times, not even close.
You probably worked for something. Lost years of your life over something that you thought you loved, thought you needed, thought you could see yourself doing until your family is huddled around your deathbed. Heh. Now that’s a fluke.
I worked for something, all those years ago. A cause. The greater good. Where did it get me?
Right here. Out in the middle of nowhere with no directions, no fuel and no way out. Everyone I ever loved is dead. Everything I worked for in pieces.
So here’s my advice: sooner or later you get stabbed in the back, ripped from the life you once revered. It’s easier if you don’t love at all."

This is an extract from a longer project, written from a certain character’s point of view. The character in question was previously betrayed and lost everything, and this is her reflecting on everything that has happened to her since she’s been stranded somewhere, lost and alone.

Demiurge is an online platform open to all UWCSEA East students from Grades 5-12, where they can share and showcase their creative literary work.

The definition of 'demiurge' is 'a being responsible for the creation of the universe', and in Platonic philosophy, it means 'the creator of the world'. The name is a powerful symbol of how we can create our own worlds, particularly through fiction, and illustrates our belief that we are creating and changing different aspects of the world we live in through writing.

We welcome all kinds of literary submissions, from poems to flash-fiction to photos to theatre-scripts. Make a submission via our submission form. 



18 Nov 2019
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