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Demiurge: Bull's Eye

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Demiurge: Bull's Eye

Are you a storm, a wolf
And am I, in your eye
but deer to you?
Trees part and snow flies as I 
Clouds shake and  
rabbits all flee, 
my antlers knock a snake off the fruit tree
its fall stains my tail like a 
bull’s eye. 
Are you a bull, 
horned like me
ungulate under me
Oh, if only I were a picador 
Would you continue to charge, 
fling the wind
fling the snow
in my hair
in human’s roars 
Instead of disappearing in the storm?

Demiurge UWCSEA East student creative writing group

This story is part of the Demiurge Student Publication for the UWCSEA East High School. Visit the Demiurge page to read more student writing.

Demiurge is an online platform where East High School students can share and showcase their creative literary work. For more information email



10 Jun 2019
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